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Hot Water Extraction – a.k.a. “Steam Cleaning”

Chances are that your carpet is not as clean as you want it to be. Vacuuming can only take you so far. In order to get out all of the dirt and stains, you need to call in the professionals and take advantage of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning process.

This type of cleaning process requires a skilled and professional hand, but it gets your carpets far cleaner. It gets into the fibers of the carpet far deeper than other methods, and it leaves less residue that may build up over time. Also, since a mild solution is needed due to the strength and temperature Carpet Cleaning - Roanoke, VAof the water, it is the better for the carpet than many alternative methods of cleaning. In fact, it is the method that most carpet manufacturers prefer.

Hot water extraction has also become quite popular because it is extremely environmentally healthy. It does not require harsh chemicals that will be dumped into the earth which also means that your children and pets will not be exposed to anything harmful. You can feel comfortable about having children playing on the floor without having to worry about dirt or chemicals that may have been left behind.

Carpet Cleaning - Roanoke, VAIf you are not satisfied with the look of your carpet, consider the hot water extraction cleaning method. The professionals can make your carpeting look as good as the day it was installed without the expensive cost. You can rest assured that you are removing all the dirt and grim without replacing it with toxins.